Details THE PREMIER LINE OF Educational Construction Equipment forChildren We currently offer 6 models of Fun Size Equipment including 4 exciting Excavators, a Timber Grabber, and an unique Wrecking Ball experience.

What We Do

Fulfill your little one’s construction dreams with our fun-size excavators, timber claw, and wrecking ball experiences. Fun Size Equipment offers a unique and exciting experience for the whole family. At the same time, giving you an opportunity to create fun memories at your next event. So take a seat and get ready for the ultimate construction experience!

About Fun Size Equipment

Fun Size Equipment brings out the creativity in young learners with the aid of our super construction models. Our construction model package includes 4 Excavators, Timber Grabber, and a Wrecking Ball; watch the excitement on the face of your kids (Ages 3 and above) as they go into full-time operator mode. Fun Size Equipment comes with real rotating models and hydraulics powered by a 120V electric motor with ISO controls to offer the same feeling as real construction equipment. The whole family can jump in on the fun with the 300 pounds weight limit and a built-in mp3 to play your favorite tune as you excavate, stack, and wreck. Safety is made a priority in our equipment with the stationary design, the aid of removable safety frames, and seat belts attached to rotating models. Starting from $3,999, you can get this fun construction education equipment for your next indoor or outdoor event.

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