Deposit Price: $750.00

Actual Price: $4999.00

250-EXM delivers a fun experience with easy to use simple ISO Joystick controls and rotating cab. The removable safety cab frame and seat belt makes the operator feel like they are at the job site. This ¼ ton excavator is light weight but give big thrills to the little operators.

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Material:                         Steel & Acrylic

Power:                              1.5KW

Voltage:                            110V

Size:                                  9’1FT L x 3FT W x 5’9FT H

Weight:                           584lbs

Radius:                            360/180/90 Degree

Controls:                          ISO Joy Sticks

Target Market:                5 to 10 years old

Accessories:                     Custom Pallet $150

Additional Information
Weight584 lbs
Dimensions9.1 × 3 × 5.9 cm