Deposit Price: $750.00

Actual Price: $5499.00

350-EXB unique design put the operator’s skills to the test with the art of control and precision. This exciting excavator ditches the bucket for a wrecking ball, electric pin frame sold separately or use a variety of other props from around the shop to knockdown.

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Material:                        Steel & Acrylic

Power:                            1.5KW

Voltage:                          110V

Size:                                 10FT L x 2’8FT W x 4FT H

Weight:                           552lbs

Radius:                            360/180/90 Degree

Controls:                         ISO Side Control Handles

Target Market:              10 years old and up

Accessories:                   Electric Pin Frame $250

Custom Pallet $150

Additional Information
Weight552 lbs
Dimensions10 × 2.8 × 4 cm