Deposit Price: $1,000.00

Actual Price: $5999.00

450-EXC innovative design puts the mind to the test with our unique stacking and unstacking challenges. The strong lift and long reach seems larger than life to the little ones and big enough parents can’t resist getting in on the competition. Valuable life lessons!

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Material:                            Steel and Acrylic

Power:                                1.5KW 300W

Voltage:                              110V

Size:                                    11’6FT L x 2’9FT W x 6’4FT H

Weight:                              727lbs

Radius:                              360/180/90 Degrees

Controls:                           ISO Side Control Handles

Target Market:                 10 years old and up

Accessories:                      Custom Pallet $200

Additional Information
Weight727 lbs
Dimensions11.6 × 2.9 × 6.4 cm