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Are they real?

Yes, Fun Size Equipment swings/rotates, digs, wrecks and stacks.

Are they Safe?

Selt Belts are required for operators 3 to 18 years old on all rotating models. Fun Size Equipment is bolted or strapped down during use for extra safety. Our stationary design allows everyone to get in on the fun and learn the basic operations of real machinery. 

How do you move Fun Size Equipment?

Fun Size Equipment can be moved multiple ways including pallet jack, forklift and any other type of machinery. Check out our newest trailer designs to make sharing the fun so easy and fun for everyone involved.

How does Fun Size Equipment work?

Electric Motor, REAL Hydraulics and ISO controls like real construction equipment. Our equipment is just FUN size for everyone!

Which equipment can my child operate?

Fun Size Equipment is not necessarily based on age or height as much as experience and hand eye coordination skills. Age recommendation is 3 years and older to operate independently. For children 3 to 6 years old we recommendation starting with the 250-EXS model. 

What does the warranty cover?

A 6-month manufacturer warranty on electric, hydraulic systems and on chassis components comes with all Fun Size Equipment models. Manufacturer Warranties cover defective parts only and do not include parts worn by standard use or parts damaged from use, accidents, abuse, misuse or improper setup and maintenance of the product. Labor and Shipping cost is NOT covered for any reason. The maintenance required is a part of the sport and is needed on an ongoing basis.  Missing or broken items noted at Delivery Time will be replaced free of charge under Manufacturer Warranty. Customers must inform us at delivery or within 48 hours of delivery by completing a Support Ticket on our website. Warranty orders can be canceled before they are shipped. Once a warranty order is shipped, all payments related to such order are non-refundable.

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